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Bur Chervil

Anthriscus caucalis

Bur Chervil (Anthriscus caucalis) is an annual forb plant which has adapted to establish in poor growing conditions. This England native has slowly begun to invade parts of Vancouver Island; Comox, Cowichan Valley, and Nanaimo have all had populations reported. Currently bur chervil is listed as a provincially noxious weed under the BC Weed Control Act.

Bur Chervil is typically found in disturbed areas such as ditches or waste places and also moist fields. It can range in height from under 1m to over 2m; small white flowers have 5 pedals which are arranged in an umbrella shape.

This species relies on means of seed dispersal for reproduction; the bur like seeds allows bur chervil to cling to mammals and birds which carry the seeds to new areas. As bur chervil establishes, it is able to out-compete native vegetation and leads to negative effects on the natural biodiversity.

When leaving an infected bur chervil site, assure to properly clean your clothes, shoes, and equipment to avoid any seeds attempting to hitch a ride with you. Prevention is the best way to reduce the spread of this species.