Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver

The Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver is a non-profit society that is working to improve the way invasive species are managed in the Metro Vancouver region.

There are many biological invaders in our region that threaten the environment, economy and public safety. The purpose of this site is to provide you with information about invasive species, specitfic species of interest in our region, control methods, ISCMV's services and to keep you updated on invasive species activities in the region.

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Target Species

Purple Loosestrife
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Yellow Archangel
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Yellow Toadflax
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Common Periwinkle
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English Ivy
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Giant Hogweed
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Himalayan Blackberry
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Orange Hawkweed
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Scotch Broom
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Yellow Flag Iris
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What's New

Invasive plants in a changing climate

July 26, 2022

Local research has predicted how the distribution of four high-risk invasive species may evolve under future climate scenarios.

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Burnaby Stewardship Events 2022

August 13, 2022

Lots of stewardship events happening in several Burnaby Parks every month from May to October!

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