About Us

The ISCMV is non-profit society composed of members from the public, stewardship groups, contractors, academic institutions, nurseries, non-profit organizations and all levels of government working to improve the way invasive species are managed in Metro Vancouver. The society was first incorporated in 2006 as the Greater Vancouver Invasive Plant Council. 

The ISCMV works within the same boundaries as the Metro Vancouver Regional District, a 2,877 km² area on the Southwest mainland coast of British Columbia (see map below).  Along with the regional district, this area encompasses 21 municipalities, one Electoral Area and one Treaty First Nation. There are over 2.75 million residents in the region.

Our Team

The ISCMV is a non-profit society with a dedicated team of people.

Our Work

ISCMV offers a variety of educational, technical and support services for invasive species.

Other Regional Invasive Committees

The ISCMV is one of nine Regional Invasive Species Committees across British Columbia. Though our management area is the smallest geographically, we have over half of British Columbia's population residing within it.