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Like what the ISCMV is doing and want to stay connected? Become a member! Membership is open to the public and benefits include invitation to ISCMV events, and communication of regional invasive species information through our listserve.

Individuals may become members at an Annual General Meeting, or by completing the annual membership agreement below (the membership year ends on March 31st each year). Members agree to support the purposes of the society in the context of their daily role as Metro Vancouver resident, volunteer, practitioner, and/or land manager.

  • To protect the environment by conserving and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity by monitoring, detecting, and managing invasive species.
  • To protect the environment by conserving and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity through the provision of technical training on invasive species management to individuals and organizations that deal with or encounter invasive species.
  • To advance education in the Metro Vancouver region by providing conferences, workshops, and other educational events on topics related to invasive species management.
  • To do all such things as are ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purposes.


Want to contribute to a regional invasive species effort? Don’t have enough time to attend meetings or become a Board member? Anyone is welcome to join most of the Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver Committees at any time. Some Committees are only open to ISCMV Board of Directors.

Committees are an effective way for the organization to make decisions and progress on various issues and projects while involving diversity of experts. Committees are chaired by an ISCMV Board member and supported by ISCMV staff. Each committee decides individually the format for discussion, but much of the work is done over e-mail and conference calls. For more information about our committees, please contact us.

Click here for a list of ISCMV Committees and descriptions.

Board of Directors

Interested in becoming part of our Board of Directors? A full ISCMV Board has 15 Directors, each sitting 3-year terms. The Board generally meets 4 times a year (online and in-person) and attends other ISCMV events throughout the year, including our 2 annual public forums. Board members also participate on ISCMV Committees and support staff in various ways as needed. At every Annual General Meeting (usually held in April of each year), some Director’s terms are up and the Board seeks nominations for new Directors. Click here to find out about the nomination process for joining our board. 


The ISCMV has a very small staff team. There are no full-time positions or regular/seasonal openings. The ISCMV does not retain resumes. Any open positions will be posted to our News Blog.