MOTI Invasive Plant Webinar 2021

February 24, 2021 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm

MOTI Invasive Plant Webinar 2021 photo

This event has now passed.

Invasive plants have significant, widespread impacts on provincial land and environmental values. Highway rights-of-ways can be a major pathway for the spread of invasive plants. MOTI staff and contractors, land managers and others have a responsibility to mitigate invasive plant impacts. The ISCMV and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure offered this free invasive plant webinar to provide an introduction to invasive plants and an overview of MOTI’s prevention and management program. The webinar focused on the Lower Mainland District, but all MOTI staff and contractors who work in the South Coast Region were invited to attend as the information presented is relevant for the entire South Coast.


If you participated in this event, please take a moment to fill out this 4-question survey to help us plan future events. The recording, presenter slides and links provided during this event are below:

Invasive Plant Webinar recording (video)

Invasive Plant Webinar slides (PDF)

Best Practices for Managing Invasive Plants on Roadsides - A Pocket Guide for B.C.'s Maintenance Contractors (PDF)

Provincial Invasive Species Roadside webpage (including links to videos)


Contact information for ISCBC and regional invasive species organizations

Reporting Invasive Species in BC (access to IAPP database)

Videos: ID and management of key species

Plant identification apps - look for these apps in your favorite app store: iNaturalist, Google Lens, PlantSnap, Plant ID, PictureThis, PlantNet



BC Weed Control Act and Regulation (includes list of regulated plants)

Invasive Species Early Detection & Rapid Response (including Proposed Prohibited Noxious Weeds)

Invasive Plant Pest Management Plan for Provincial Public Lands within the South Coastal Mainland of BC 2021-26 (PDF, 1.12MB)