Plant Apps

The right app can help you identify plants (and other species), connect with nature, participate in community science projects, and even discover which plants are dangerous or invasive. Whether you are new to plant identification, want to improve your skills, or need verification of a challenging plant, there are apps to help!

Below is a list of available plant apps that can be used for the identification of native and/or invasive plants. A printable PDF version of this list can be found at the bottom of the page.

This list was compiled by ISCMV in August 2023 for informational purposes only. If you know of any other plant apps that you do not see on this list, please contact us.

Application Overview Details Cost


Uses a team of experts who receive and analyze photos, posting the ID
  • Not immediate, although it claims that 50% of its responses are posted within one hour
first 3 IDs are free, then $1/per correct ID

Google Lens

Point your phone's camera at a plant and Google Lens will analyze the image to ID the plant

  • With an iOS device, you can use the functionality with Google photos
  • Can be used to ID many objects, not just plants


ID plants in the field and confirm findings with amateur and professional naturalists from around the world

  • If no matches are found, then the images are public so others can make ID suggestions
  • A community science platform that allows users to contribute data to many different projects


Uses high-tech AI to ID plants based on leaf photos
  • Instant access to a large database of plants that is continuously updated


ID 1,000,0000+ plants everyday with 98% accuracy
  • Upload photos or take live photos to receive suggestions on plant ID
  • Diagnose plant disease & receive treatment info
7-day free trial, then annual subscription ($39.99-$49.99)


Photos are collected and analyzed by Scientists to protect plant biodiversity
  • Available in English & French 
  • Upload a photo and receive suggestions or join groups to ID plants


Instantly ID over 600,000 types of plants: flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, cacti and more
  • Upload photos or take live photos and be provided with suggestions on plant ID
  • Gardening tips and advice for thousands of species

monthly subscription ($4.99)

annual subscription ($25.99)

Report Invasives

Report invasive species plant and animal sightings in BC
  • Site coordinates are captured and app can be used off-line
  • Reports go directly to a BC specialist who will coordinate follow-up

Seek by iNaturalist

Drawing from millions of wildlife observations on iNaturalist, Seek shows you lists of commonly recorded species
  • Point the Seek Camera at anything living to ID
  • Earn badges for different types of species and participate in monthly observation challenges

Weeds BMP

Tool for livestock and food producers in BC to help identify, manage & minimize impacts on operations
  • Includes identification and management information for 95 invasive plants
  • Search by common name, scientific name, or by flower colour to ID and manage invasive plants

What's that Flower?

Identify flowers, where they grow, and whether or not they're poisonous
  • Choose the flower's color, habitat, number of petals to receive suggestions on ID
  • Also a photo recognition tool, although the technology isn't as advanced as other apps
Offers in app purchases

Visual Look Up

Built in IOS visual search engine lets you ID and learn about objects found in your iPhone photos
  • Open a photo in full-screen mode – an info icon with sparkles indicates Visual Look Up is available
  • Shows other information related to the photo
free (feature built into newer iPhones & iPads)