Asian Giant Hornet

Asian Giant Hornet photo

Keep a lookout for Asian giant hornets in Metro Vancouver! This species is a pest, preying on other insects, such as our native bee species, and can cause painful stings to people if nests are disturbed.

The Asian giant hornets may be overwintering and soon emerging in the region as an individual was found in November 2019 in White Rock, and a couple found in Blaine, Washington in December 2019.

If you think you have spotted this insect, you can report it using the Report Invasives app or other methods described here.

Learn more about this species at the links below – educate yourself as there are many commonly mistaken species!

BC Government News Release March 20, 2020

Ministry of Agriculture Pest Alert: Asian Giant Hornet (with photos of the Asian giant hornet and its look-alike species)