Invasive Plant Risk Perception Survey

Invasive Plant Risk Perception Survey photo

We have been supporting researchers at UBC on a risk perception assessment of invasive plant species in urban green spaces in Metro Vancouver.

You are invited to join UBC researchers to inform local research on invasive plants and enter to win a $100 or $40 amazon gift card*. Access the survey here. Anyone can complete the survey, so please forward this link to others!

This research aims to assess the public’s risk perception regarding invasive plants in Metro Vancouver. Specifically, your participation will help researchers to answer three questions:

  1. How much does the public know about invasive plants?
  2. How does the public perceive risk related to invasive plants? and
  3. To what degree does the public support invasive plants management activities?

* Researchers have one CAD $100 and five CAD $40 Amazon gift cards as incentives offered to participants. Everyone who participates in the survey, even those who withdraw, have equal chance to enter the draw. Winners will be selected randomly on May 15 2019. Participants can only win once.


For more information, please contact the Principal Investigator:

Dr. Bianca Eskelson

Assistant professor, Department of Forest Resources Management

Contact: 604–827–0629