Capitol Hill Tree Keepers

April 3, 2023

Capitol Hill Tree Keepers photo

ISCMV was pleased to participate in the inaugural stewardship event of the Capitol Hill Tree Keepers on April 2, 2023!

This newly established group is a collection of neighbours and concerned residents who help manage and preserve the forest on the northern side of Capitol Hill (an area of about 176 hectares, bounded on the north by the Trans Canada Trail). The once abundant and flourishing forest on the NW side of Capitol Hill in North Burnaby has been disturbed many times in the past 150 years. Logging, roads, houses, refineries, electric power lines and petroleum pipelines have all had impacts. Those disturbances have enabled people – including members of the Capitol Hill Tree Keepers Society – to build and live on the hill.

Thanks to the 16 volunteers who attended their first event, focused on removing invasive ivy from trees and the ground. The slopes were very steep and much of the ivy is growing around native plants such as ferns and huckleberries, which made the work challenging. Many of the volunteers, who are local residents, will continue to monitor the site for regrowth until the next event.

Congratulations to the Capitol Hill Tree Keepers for an event that we hope is just the start of a long-term effort to steward this important area. Check out their website for information about other upcoming events.