The Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver (ISCMV) is non-profit organization composed of representatives from environmental stewardship groups, academic institutions, nurseries, non-profit organizations and all levels of government working to improve the way invasive species are managed in Metro Vancouver.

The mandate of the ISCMV is:

  • To collaborate with stakeholders on regional invasive species management programs and initiatives
  • To encourage the use of relevant science in the management of invasive species
  • To support efforts of stakeholders in the management of invasive species
  • To provide information to decision makers to help emphasize the need to manage invasive species
  • To collect, compile and disseminate information regarding the management and control of invasive species
  • To undertake education and outreach activities that complement other initiatives dealing with invasive species management

Signatories to this agreement support the mission of the ISCMV and agree to uphold these objectives in the context of their daily role as Metro Vancouver resident and/or land manager.

Membership benefits include invitation to ISCMV events, communication of regional invasive species information through our listserve.

Please print and fill out the pdf below.