Japanese beetle detected in Vancouver!

Japanese beetle detected in Vancouver! photo

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has detected a pest new to Western Canada, in the False Creek area of Vancouver, that has until now been limited to the eastern provinces/states.

The Japanese Beetle larval stage feeds on turf grass roots and in the adult stage it feeds on the leaves and some fruits of over 250 plants including roses, berries, and trees such as elms and maple, causing skeletonizing. It is very damaging to turf and trees.

Currently, the CFIA is in the surveillance and education phase as they determine the range of the beetles, and no treatment plans have been established.

Please see the notification sheet below for additional information, including a description of the pest in the egg, larval, pupa and adult stages.

If you observe any Japanese beetles in the region, please report to the CFIA immediately – call 604-292-5742 or contact through their website.